Analysis of DJ website profit model

over the DJ56 network users should have found the DJ56 network V1 ( is currently exploring the kind of unique new advertising model – implantable advertising. This new advertising model is different from the traditional Google AdSense CPM, CPC or click Browse number in the form of pay, but the advertising content will be fully integrated into the game, strengthen brand awareness, strive to agree with the opinion of consumers, this article and you talk about it with current advertising the website of DJ56 mode, for the other similar SNS reference website.

Product placement refers to a product or brand and its visual symbols or representative service content strategy into the movie, TV or TV show a variety of content, through the reproduction of the scene, let the audience impression of the product and brand in the imperceptibly, then reached the purpose of marketing products.

implantable advertising is also known as embedded advertising or soft advertising. Product placement is now widely be used for film and television, Feng Xiaogang’s New Year movie film can often be seen Product placement shots, for example in the master and sponsorship of goods at the same time appear, will be accompanied by a few seconds close-up, or the name of commodity, props and so on.

compared with the traditional forms of advertising, Product placement commodity brand into entertainment, relatively easy to obtain recognition and goodwill of consumers, consumers see the advertising psychology change, spread imperceptibly among the influence of the brand, which is superior to the traditional forms of advertising. However, no quantitative statistics of sales and Product placement, there is no practical evaluation index, there is no authoritative tool to assess the effect of advertising, so Product placement there is great difficulty in the promotion, as well as to traditional advertising statistics.

Product placement

DJ56 networks currently explored already has quite a lot of brands, and has been integrated into the DJ56 network most popular games, in the course of the majority of users, users are not disgusted with this type of advertising, for some strange brand, or often have a certain affection.

in the DJ56 network VIP download, large-scale online games cooperation "to free the bottom quality, users choose to download, free download time will appear bottom quality, multiple Product placement, as shown below, such as Wang Laoji or W715, the salary is much higher than other projects, so easy to cause the attention of the user, and select the project.

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