Mabaruma without electricity

first_img…residents in darkness for over 5 weeksA prolonged power outage continues to disrupt the livelihood of the residents of Mabaruma, the administrative centre for Region One (Barima-Waini), as the regional capital has been without electricity for more than five weeks.This disruption in power supply is as a result of the disintegration of the district’s electrical supply system, which stemmed from a malfunctioning generator.A section of Mabaruma, Region OneAccording to reports reaching Guyana Times, a crankshaft and a series of bearings attached to the generator have been damaged, causing the halt in the operations of the crucial machinery. With the engine out of order, the community of Mabaruma is forced to endure the very prolonged blackout as there is no alternative means of generating electrical energy.In an interview with this publication, Regional Chairman Brentnol Ashley expressed regret on the regional administration’s behalf.Ashley indicated that the Regional Democratic Council (RDC) has made several attempts to source a replacement for the dilapidated crankshaft, but has faced difficulties in obtaining the mechanical part within or around the region. However, the administrative body managed to acquire the piece from a remote engineering entity, which led to a further delay while awaiting transport to Mabaruma.Nonetheless, the new crankshaft arrived in the Region on Friday following which an engineer was employed to commence the resuscitation of the generator.The Regional Chairman conveyed to this newspaper, “We are currently concerned as an RDC for the people’s well-being and the Administration is being asked to ensure that power is being restored.”Ashley went on to say, “We are working assiduously to restore the engine, but have been faced with some minor obstacles. An engineer is now working on the matter.”As such, the RDC is looking forward to the restoration of electricity within the coming days.Mabaruma relies solely on the power station of the Council to provide electricity. With the district’s supply down, residents are left counting their losses following the devastating five weeks of no electricity.As such, they are calling on authorities to make every effort to ensure the speedy restoration of electrical power, noting that they have already suffered thousands of dollars in losses.last_img